Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


Since our last update in March, we have launched quite a few product updates! To catch the changelog up to speed, here's a list of
just some
of what has been implemented since our last changelog update on 3/7/23:
Previously, the select all checkbox would only select all of the rows on a single page.
Now, the merchant has the option to select either all on the current page, or all records total.
This has been applied to the Applicants and Members parts of the app as of 3/7/2023.
This new "Select all total" option on members & applicants will allow merchants to complete actions for all rows in 2 clicks, rather than needing to click through every page.
This enables easy bulk actions like the following:
Bug fixes launched March 7, 2023:
User experience improvements launched March 7, 2023:
Buzzbassador has now launched a new way for merchants to recruit creators for their influencer/affiliate program - and more easily than ever.
With Buzzbassador's Discovery tool, you can now get matched with 25 creators hand-picked by a team of experts for your unique brand and goals.
Buzzbassador now offers a universal search bar at the top of the app, where users can type in to easily search for members, unpaid rewards, payment history, and more throughout the whole app.
Bug fixes launched February 19, 2023:
As of February 19, 2023, there is now a Program filter on your dashboard (here):
This new filter will allow you to see your earnings, total members, due rewards, and leaderboard broken down by program.
Any data from 2/19/23 and afterwards can be filtered by this new dropdown.
Since Buzzbassador was launched in 2020, we have launched quite a few product updates. Some have been announced to users, some have happened behind the scenes.
A few of the more prominent/most-requested feature updates we have launched include:Going forward from today (February 1, 2023), we will begin sharing every product update, big or small, publicly, via this Changelog.
Excited to keep you all more in the loop of the exciting improvements & additions we're pushing to Buzzbassador!