Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


  • Enhance survey question spacing on application form - The spacing on the application form was improved to make the survey questions more visually appealing and easily readable.
  • Dashboard date filter and graph issue
    - After the new year, some merchants noticed a bug where the graph on the dashboard wouldn't allow them to see data from the previous year (2023), and the graph formatting was convoluted. This issue was fixed.
We're excited to share that our newest payout platform integration with Tremendous is now live on Buzzbassador!
After much feedback on our PayPal Payouts integration and requests for other options, we can't wait to see how much Tremendous improves the ease of sending payouts with Buzzbassador 🙌
Why Tremendous is a game-changer:
➡️ Send cash to your members via over 600+ different payout methods -- including ACH/bank transfer, Venmo, and gift cards -- all through one platform
➡️ Seamlessly pay members using just their email address -- no need for them to create any account with Tremendous!
➡️ Auto-draft payments from a linked credit card or bank account instead of pre-loading a balance
➡️ Easy W9 collection and tax tracking, payment and balance reminders, and more!
  • Auto-decline $0 rewards
    : Previously, if a commission was updated to be $0 -- either due to a cancelled/refunded order, or ineligibility based on program settings -- the reward was still left in due status. After this improvement, any reward that is worth $0 gets auto-declined so that it's out of the way and no longer hanging in due or processing.
  • Member search improvements
    : Previously, the member log could only be searched by exact match for a member's email address or referral code. After this improvement, the member log can be searched by any portion of the member's first name, last name, email address, or referral code. For example, if your member's name is "Jane Doe", you can search "ja", and the search results will populate that member, as well as any other members who have "ja" in their name, email, or referral code.
  • $0 reward bug:
    There was a bug where if a commission was zeroed out due to a cancelled/refunded order or ineligibility, the order connected to that reward would be hidden from the member's profile and the orders page. This has been fixed; so even if the reward is $0 or declined, the order that was generated in connection with that reward is still visible and tracked/counted within all parts of the interface.
Since our last update in March, we have launched quite a few product updates! To catch the changelog up to speed, here's a list of
just some
of what has been implemented since our last changelog update on 3/7/23:
  • Free Shipping Discount & Referral Code Option: You can now choose Free Shipping codes as your members' exclusive discount offer and shareable referral offers
  • Tag Applicants in Shopify
    : Previously we only added a tag to customers in Shopify that were approved members in your Buzzbassador account. With this update, we now have add customer tags to pending applicants from Buzzbassador as well. Using these customer tags allows you to more easily segment and identify Shopify customers by who is either (a) an active member of your affiliate/creator program or (b) a pending applicant of your program. These tags can be useful for using other apps to communicate with these customer segments (ex. if you want to send comms via a platform we don't integrate with yet), as well as many other use cases.
Previously, the select all checkbox would only select all of the rows on a single page.
Now, the merchant has the option to select either all on the current page, or all records total.
This has been applied to the Applicants and Members parts of the app as of 3/7/2023.
This new "Select all total" option on members & applicants will allow merchants to complete actions for all rows in 2 clicks, rather than needing to click through every page.
This enables easy bulk actions like the following:
  • [APPLICANTS] Approve all applications
  • [APPLICANTS] Decline all applications
  • [MEMBERS] Delete all active members
  • [MEMBERS] Re-assign all active members to a different program
Bug fixes launched March 7, 2023:
  • Fixed
    : Minor bug affecting some users that was causing member imports to not appear in the merchant's account
  • Fixed
    : A prior launch removed the ability to individually approve or decline one applicant from within the Application Details pop-up. This fix restores that ability (adding the buttons back). Screenshot 2023-03-07 at 11
User experience improvements launched March 7, 2023:
Screenshot 2023-03-07 at 11
Screenshot 2023-03-07 at 11
  • Dashboard calendar date picker: An improvement was pushed to prevent any confusion caused by merchants being able to select future dates with the calendar date picker.
Screenshot 2023-03-07 at 11
Buzzbassador has now launched a new way for merchants to recruit creators for their influencer/affiliate program - and more easily than ever.
With Buzzbassador's Discovery tool, you can now get matched with 25 creators hand-picked by a team of experts for your unique brand and goals.
Buzzbassador now offers a universal search bar at the top of the app, where users can type in to easily search for members, unpaid rewards, payment history, and more throughout the whole app.
Screenshot 2023-03-07 at 10
Bug fixes launched February 19, 2023:
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